How to improve the efficiency of jiangmen sheet metal processing production

2020-05-29 707

All know do sheet metal processing, to go through a lot of working procedure, to produce a product. So that to improve the production efficiency, guarantee the customer delivery date is very important.

Now from the aspects of technology to analyze how to improve efficiency:

1, press: the parts on the board with a punch press cutting into one or more of the process, the formation of various sorts of von berg systeme. Its advantages are short time, high efficiency, high precision, low cost and is suitable for batch production, but should design the mould.

2, shears: it is a kind of the use of slitting shears stripe brief information. It is mainly used for blanking die forming, the cost is low, the precision is less than 0.2, but only without hole and chamfering processing or block. Materials.



3, laser cutting, using laser cutting method to flat structure shape cutting into a big flat, like numerical control cutting, it needs to write a laser application. Can cut all kinds of flat parts of complex shape, the cost is high, the precision is 0.1.

4, NC NC blanking, had time to write CNC engineering, using the programming software, drawing can be expanded into NC digital plotter identifiable program. According to these programs, sheet metal on the tablets one by one, but its structure is caused by cutting tool structure, low cost, accuracy of 0.15.

5, sawing machine: the main use aluminum, square tube, drawing tube, round bar, etc., low cost and good precision.

In a lot of sheet metal processing, sheet metal cabinet assembly is very important, its production process requirement is very strict. Outbound goods packaging container needs a functional view, and provide exit when see the view of transport of goods and packaging. Application form and produce units of a batch of packaging container inspection results list, the specifications of the packaging container list, customer orders and the relevant requirement of packaging container, jiangmen skill sheet metal processing, batch packaging container design process, as well as data inspection specification.