Jiangmen sheet metal shell with what kind of processing way

2020-05-29 664

1. Induction heating

Induction heating process is to put the parts into the sensor, the sensor is usually a hollow copper pipe, the input/high frequency alternating current (ac). Usually, the current can reach 3 to 300000 or more. To produce alternating magnetic field in the workpiece with the same frequency of the induced current. Parts of the uneven distribution of induced current. In general, the surface is very strong, but inside is very weak, even in the core place close to zero. By using this kind of skin effect, the surface of the parts can be rapid heating, and the surface temperature can be increased in a few seconds to 800-1000 ℃, while the rise in the temperature of the core parts are very small.

2. Metal electrodeposition

The electrodeposition of metals mainly through the electrolysis, this is often referred to as electrochemical machining in the industry. Principle is through the electrolytic cell cathode reduction reaction and crystallization process of metal ions in the process of metal layer of a solid surface. Its purpose is to change the surface properties of solid materials or manufacturing with specific composition and properties of metal materials.

3. The drilling

Processing on the rig, usually bit should be completed at the same time two actions. Main movement is a bit around the axis of rotation. Auxiliary movement mainly bit along axis defense folding linear motion artifacts. This is also known as feed movement in the industry. In the process of drilling, affecting the quality of machining is primarily a bit structure in the gap. Common drilling machining accuracy is lower than IT10, surface roughness is in commonly Ra12.5 mu m or so, so drilling is generally divided into rough machining.


4. The welding process

Welding technology of basic principle is that the connection after 220 v or 380 v, the inside of the welding machine pressure reducer, reduce voltage to enhance current electricity produce a great arc heat melting welding rod and steel, the fusion between the steel and steel melting of electrode is higher.

5. Multi-axis nc machining

Multi-axis nc machine can be controlled at the same time more than four axes linkage. The intelligence usually sets of CNC milling, CNC boring machine tool, CNC drilling, CNC gongs processing performance. After the stable workpiece clamping, it can surface milling, boring, drilling, and other functions. Special parts of internal processing can also be completed, such as cavity and notch, can effectively avoid the repeated clamping precision caused by the error. Have obvious advantages in processing cycle and processing quality.