Sheet metal processing needs to be done before six steps

2020-05-29 721

Sheet 1, pickling: even if there is no rust should also be pickling process, remove the plate hardening layer, the appearance of phosphating quality progress

2, skim: appearance of the board of degreasing effect is to remove oil and grease

3, washing: wash the wash degreasing agent, avoid the degreasing agent to the next working procedure, pollution or destruction of next working procedure balance of bath components of next working procedure



4, table: table is the function of adjustment appearance nature, improve the appearance state, make phosphate crystallization fine, improve the quality of phosphating

5, phosphate, phosphating is used in the pretreatment of qualified plate appearance produces a layer of phosphate coating, the effect of phosphating film is film adhesion and progressive plate corrosion resistant function

6, washing, washing after phosphating is hang plate appearance of phosphating liquid washing clean, avoid the residual phosphate in the process of corrosion in the future to participate in the electrochemical corrosion.