What are the sheet metal processing factory to control the quality of sheet metal processing operations

2020-05-29 649

Sheet metal processing is a stage of forming sheet metal products, workers need to machines for sheet metal processing, make the style of the needs of customers, the sheet metal processing factory about how to control the quality, now let's learn about the.

1, according to the specific situation, due to the different products and processes may be different, so it is necessary to first understand what customers need to do, and then decided to use which kinds of sheet metal processing skills;

2, when the customer is processing the drawings, it is necessary to deal in strict accordance with the pictures will clarify, pay special attention to some details on the drawings, as specified or considerations;

3, understand the product appearance, size, standard and use, in order to avoid machining error and ensure the quality.

4, sheet metal processing parts of the drawings shall be approved by the relevant personnel and acknowledge and then sent to the production workshop;


5, after the completion of the sheet metal processing parts, need for sampling and view the products. Substandard products should be adjusted in a timely manner, from the processing, and check again after processing, until qualified delivery;

6, about the batch processing products, should be tested, admitted after batch production batch production;

7, about need machining and sheet metal parts, need to see the appearance of the product;

8 all sheet metal processing, need to look at the state and the signature of the relevant personnel;

9, not blind date stated testing or qualified products are regarded as unqualified product, can't shipment.