Sheet metal bending processing precision is how to improve

2020-05-29 687


(1) to overcome the accuracy of rendering errors because of the uneven material. When select material to selecting homogeneous structure of plate, especially pay attention to when buy, choose a specialized manufacturer of these materials. The manufacturer is more professional skills, production equipment and more perfect, skills service is better. To specific understanding of the specific conditions of the factory, production license, the main product testing statements such as, for example, then comprehensive analysis of various materials, whether can meet the requirements of the enterprise, in order to select a stable process parameters for processing.



(2) eliminate because material affects the accuracy of springback and cause. A useful way to eliminate springback is properly increase the bending stress in the process of machining, and make the loading time longer. At the same time, higher requirements for the machining precision of workpiece, the material at the plate will be rid of the edges. Perhaps, if any, in the bending area reinforcement, in order to progress stiffness of the parts, control the springback.

(3) reduce the flexural deformation of the machine tool itself. This is a progress workpiece bending precision of the method. And reduce the flexural deformation of the machine tool itself, above the upper die set an oblique woven structure, and use it to compensate for deflection errors caused by the module of machine tool. In the process of operation, adjust the slider before bending processing into a convex arc, after applying load, sliding block deformation as a straight line, with the basic common practice displacement.